Qabats Asaph Saint Matthew 13:14 Isaiah 6:9

The Last Day's Gathering

Jesus Christ mentions the Prophet Isaiah  the most out of all the Prophets. It is because he was the Prophet that describes in detail  the Last Day's Gathering.  Jesus Christ mentioned the Prophet Isaiah at least once in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 13:14. The Prophet Isaiah is mentioned more than 20 times. The scripture that Jesus Christ quotes is in the Book of Isaiah 6:9:

9 ‘Go, and say to this people, “Listen and listen, but never understand! Look and Look, but never perceive!”
10 Make this people’s heart coarse, Make their ears dull, shut their eyes tight, Or they will use their eyes to see, Use their ears to hear, Use their heart to understand, And change their ways and be healed.’

This is also found in the first Book of the the four part series , 'What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ Say? Triumphants', pp.209

Hebrew Words: Qabats and Asaph

to gather, collect, assemble
Gn 41:35 41:48  49:2 ..
Dt 13:6 30:3 30:4..
Jos 9:2  10:6 ..
Is 40:11  43:5 43:9 ..
Joel 3:2
to gather, remove
Gn 6:21 25:8..Is 43:9

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The Last Day's Gathering

Below are the scriptures found in the first Book of the the four part series , 'What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ Say? Triumphants' ( p.29)

1) Isaiah 40:11  (2) Isaiah 41:10  (3) Isaiah 43:5  (4)Isaiah  44:2

Qabats : Isaiah 40:11 43:5
He is like a shepherd feeding his flock, gathering lambs in his arms, holding them against his breast and leading to their rest the mother awes.
Isaiah 40:11 NJB

Do not fear for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the East, and gather you from the West.
“ I will say to the North, ‘Give up! and to the South, 
“Do not hold them back”. Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the Earth. 
Everyone who is called by My Name,  and whom I have created for My Glory whom I have formed, even whom I have made.
“ Bring out the people who are blind, even though they have eyes and the deaf, even though they have ears.
“All nations have gathered together so that the peoples may be assembled. Whom among them can declare this and proclaim to us the former things? 
Let them present their witness that they may be justified,
 Or let them hear and say. “It is true.” 
“You are my witnesses,'' declares the LORD.
 “And my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He. Before me there was no God formed. And there will be none after me.
Isaiah 43:5- HL


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